Welcome to Core Properties' Hard Money Loan Program!


Credit score of 650 or higher

Enough liquid cash (checking, savings or 401(k)) to fund closing costs/initiation points

We also like to see enough liquid cash as a buffer, which is generally constituted as:

$15,000 in checking, savings or 401(k) is seeking funding for rehab

10% of loan requested in cash in checking, savings or 401(k) if seeking funding for rental


Insurance Policy for term of loan

Mortgagee's Tile Policy

Interest paid monthly; Points paid on origination

Up to 75% of LTV based on the ARV, not to exceed 100% of cost

6 month term with 3 month renewal possible (renewal fees apply)

Rehab funds will be loaned in a separate loan from purchase loan; Construction disbursing will run through QDraw


Property cannot be in flood plain

First liens only

Property must be located in the metropolitan St. Louis area

Investment properties only (no owner occupied properties)

Single family, 2-4 unit, townhomes (no condominiums, manufactured homes or apartment buildings)


Borrower MUST provide a 6 month minimum insurance policy to be paid in full at closing

Borrower's agent should provide a certificate of insurance or evidence of insurance including invoice, prior to closing

Core Funding Services must be named as loss payee and additional insured

Replacement cost coverage is required

Dwelling-only coverage must include vacancy and vandalism riders

A builder's risk policy is preferred for rehabs over $20,000

For blanket policies, proof of policy and proof of property addition to the policy is required

Order your insurance early! A delay in providing insurance will delay the closing of your loan!

Information you will need to add us to your policy:

Core Funding Services
2541 S Big Bend Blvd
Maplewood, MO 63143
[email protected]



Appraisal/Asset Evaluation


Loan Documents

Loan Processing






Flood Certification

Loan Servicing

Construction Disbursement

Title Fees

Closing Fees




Per Title Co

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